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The beautiful Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California recently had Synthetic Turf Systems install over 26,000 sqft of high-quality USA made synthetic turf on its large and famous Windsor Lawn. The new lawn area will be used for corporate functions, weddings, and for visitors essential everyday enjoyment. The Hotel Del Coronado establishment is doing its part in saving southern California's most precious natural resource, water. visit Hotel Del

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Synthetic Turf Systems is the #1 contractor of homeowners, large playgrounds, & hotel lawns.

With Synthetic Turf Systems you get a licensed and bonded turf installation company offering a complete line of U.S.A. made materials along with “Best Practices” installation techniques. Founded by Mike Alexander in 2004, Synthetic Turf Systems has been a pioneer in the artificial grass industry over the last decade. Synthetic Turf Systems is proudly serving multiple markets in different states. Our services range from small residential projects, playgrounds, putting greens, athletic fields, to high profile commercial properties. We are a customer service driven company that takes pride in exceeding your expectations.

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Why These Great Companies Chose Synthetic Turf Systems

Many of the new turf products in today’s market are made in China with inferior plastics that last a couple of months. Synthetic Turf Systems is made in the U.S.A. and proudly stands behind a 15-year manufacturer warranty. Since it's made here in the USA, we know of all the raw materials used to construct our turf. With more than 15 years in business, our synthetic turf is manufactured with proven integrity. If it is important for you to know where your product was made, who made it, and who is going to stand behind it, always ask before you buy artificial grass.


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